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Adding new power sockets

I'm looking to add some new power sockets and lighting in my basement, i'm going to be using them for a computer & electric piano.

I've spoken to a few electricians who have all given me different answers on the regulations of doing this. I don't currently have the new consumer box. Would i need to have a new consumer box installed to add the power sockets or can they be added to my existing? I'd be looking to get an electrician to install these so i can get a certificate. Sorry i'm not all clued up on electrics!

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The earthing needs to comply with the latest regs before any alteration can be carried out and the altered socket circuit needs to be RCD protected. The circuit to be altered also needs to pass various tests prior to alteration. Although advisable to have a consumer unit that provides RCD protection for all circuits, the circuit to be altered can have stand alone RCD protection. I would opt for a new consumer unit. Why? Ahead of the installation of a new unit thorough inspection and testing of your 'wiring etc' should take place. You then know where you stand from an electrical safety perspective. Its a good place to be.


Answered 24th Mar 2015

I can understand why you are getting lots of different answers as this question will depend on many factors relating to the consumer unit and overall circuitry. Regulations state that you can add sockets onto an existing ring as a spur providing an FCU (fused connection unit) is also installed, therefore meaning the extra sockets can only draw power permissible by the fuse. However sufficient testing of the existing circuitry would need to be completed before making any decisions of this nature. Depending on the age of the system it could be that the provision of an RCD unit separate from the consumer unit is also necessary. Apologies if this doesn't exactly clear things up but without actually seeing the system and testing it, it is difficult to give a definitive answer. I suggest you get an electrician to come out and test you circuitry.


Answered 24th Mar 2015

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