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Building an extension in phases

Hi, Ignoring the inefficiencies of it - is it allowable to build an extension in phases, ie ground floor (inc knock-through and kitted-out) with 'temporary' roof - year 1, first floor (inc knock-through and kitted-out) with 'proper' roof - year 2, loft conversion - year 3? Assume planning permission granted as one large project at beginning of build

Is this doable/workable or just silly?

Many thanks

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You have 3 years in which to start the extension from the date of approval. However the time in which you take to build the extension is not indefinite. You are infact given reasonable time in which to complete, but if there is a time limit which different authorities do sometimes work to in which to complete and can enforce if they see fit. Although this doesn't happen very often.


Answered 29th Apr 2015

Dear mike_588

when you obtain planning permission it normally has a condition that the works should commence within 3 years from date of issue. After that if you make a 'technical start' (ie have had your first building control inspection)within this period the planning permission becomes indefinite and thereafter you do not have any set timeframe on how long you take to complete the works nor is there any set sequence so long as you have the works duly inspected at all the relevant stages

David Bray


Answered 24th Mar 2015

The advice above is very constructive and the only problem I can see is that if you construct a temporary roof, Not to building Regulations and Not with Structural Calculations, you might want to consult your insurance company before using the extension, as you might not be insured, if anything happened, your insurance company might not pay out, you could loose your home.


Answered 18th May 2015

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