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Extension costs (shell)

I am looking for a rough price for a 6 x 3 m extebsion to the rear of our property. It will involve creating 2 larger openings than already there are removing 1 load bearing wall so it can be relaxed by an rsJ or beam. I will be digging the foundations and footings and pouring them. I will also be doino the plumbing and electrical work. We have a lot of tradesman in the family. essentially all I would require doing would be the structural work ie just brick and block work and beams. I am in two minds whether to do the roof myself or not. Father in law is a carpenter/builder so we could undertake this together. Just a rough costs For the shell.

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Hello, a 'shell only' costing which includes, all groundwork and drainage, floor slab, brick/block structure including, floors up to wall plate and roof construction to completion comes in from £650 - £750 p/m2 external measurements on all floors. Hope this helps


Answered 24th Mar 2015

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