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Blown bulbs and trip switch

My bulb in living blew (was really loud) and the trip for all my lights went off.
I took the bulbs out and went to flick the trip switch up but it won't stay up. None of my lights are working. Can anybody advise me please.

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Hi Aud2,
It sounds as though you have a cable which has overheated (probably too close to the bulb) the insulation has melted and as a result the live is touching the neutral, which is why the bang, and unable to reset the trip. It shouldn't be difficult for a sparks to find or repair...or if they're low voltage it might have been a transformer blowing.


Answered 24th Mar 2015

Hi there if the mcb keep on tripping there is a problem on the circuit ideally you would need a part p registed (nic eic , elesca or Napit) electricain to conduct a visual and a insulation resistance test if you require more information don't hesitate to ask.


Answered 23rd Mar 2015

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