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Lights gone but the circuit breaker hasn't

5 of the lights in the kitchen needed replacing so I swapped out the old bulbs and put the new ones in. Everything was working fine for 20 minutes or so and then the lights went out. I thought the circuit breaker might have been tripped because one of the bulbs might be faulty but the breaker hadn't tripped. All the lights in the utility room and the lights in the bathroom (both adjacent to the kitchen) won't turn on either. The hall light and all the sockets work fine. What should I do?

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You would need to get an electrician out to fully test the circuit. they should do a continuity test along with insulation resistance test. Also the connections for all those lights should be checked. they should also be checked for damp or corrosion. Please do get a qualified Part P electrician to test it all for you.


Answered 24th Mar 2015

Hi there you will need to hire a part p registed electricain to have visual look also to conduct a insulation resistance test on the lighting circuit.


Answered 23rd Mar 2015

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