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Cantilevered i-beam giving enough support

We are having a 2 storey side extension. The first floor is to be supported by a huge 1 ft ibeam cantilevered to enable a vaulted dining room extension. As this extends further than the upper floor. Disaster - the cantilevered end should have arrived with a 22.5 cut to marry with a shorter beam, it was miscut so the builder has turned it round and upside down and now the spliced cut end has gone into the original wall of the house. I believe he said he would weld another piece on. We are concerned - as above us at the dining table will be stone baths and stone floors.
The other outside end has been cut on site an welded. He says the building inspector will pass it.

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i would advise that you speak to your engineer about the matter. if your builder has made alterations and not carried out the work to the engineers specifications, only the engineer can say weather this is sufficient. your building inspector should only pass it if the work is carried out as per engineers spec, so as long as the engineer is happy, the building inspector will be happy.


Answered 16th Apr 2015

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