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I'm looking to build an extension onto the back of my property in order to give us a bigger, open plan living room. The existing living room has a suspended floorboards and the extended part of the living room would be a solid concrete floor.

I want to get wet UFH installed in the living room. Could i get it installed over both substrates in one go? Or would we have to install it as two seperate circuits?

Also, could i lay continuous wooden flooring across both substrates? If not, what would i need to do in order to enable that, i really want to avoid having to put an expansion joint through the middle of the living room



1 Answer from a MyBuilder Heating Engineer

in theory you could but you would need to insulate both floors very well so that the difference in heatloss between the concrete and wood floor is balanced out ideally remove the wooden floor and replace with block and beam then insulate 50mm min accross new concrete and new beam and block fit under floor heating scread the whole lot in one go and bingo


Answered 20th Mar 2015

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