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Making good when moving plugs etc

Hi, had an electrician in to move the position of plug sockets along a wall and also install another light to the existing ring main. When finished, he'd left all of the wiring exposed including a hole where the previous socket positions were. He also hacked a hole in the ceiling next to one of the lights in order (i think) to get access to attach the new light, but he left the hole.

Is this good enough and is it standard practice? I didn't specify 'make good' in my brief, I just assumed he would as a previous electrician doing a similar job at an old house did so.

I appreciate your time answering this question.

Many thanks

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Unfortunately like a lot of people you have been caught out on this. Personally I always include making good as part of my quotations unless the client does not require it (e.g. they are getting a plasterer in to do the whole room etc). However to be competitive a lot of electricians leave out the cost of making good so the job appears cheaper. Best advice is to always ask for a fully itemised written quote and if possible get a second/the quote so they can be compared on a like for like basis. Often the one that seems more expensive, includes more like making good etc.


Answered 18th Mar 2015

Firstly i hope he fused down the light that he put on the "ring main" and yes it's normal to make good, not normally a perfect decoratable finish but holes should be filled and cables covered


Answered 20th Mar 2015

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