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Planning permission help for two bed terrace

Hi i got a two bed terrace house. I got permission for rear and side extension to my property but after i was told that i should av gone for 5 metres except 3 metres at rear. So i changed my mind and applied for 5 metres and got it approved from kirklees. Unfortunately kirklees officer told me that if i start five metre all of my other side and rear top plan will be cancelled and you wont be able to apply again until your rear ground 5 metre isnt completed. Can some one explain way it is? Thnx

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Hi ilyas,
The problem lies with the application you made, and how the documents were presented. You currently have planning permission for either, not both. If you presented the proposed 1st application as existing, then you would have been asking for both, if you request a variation from the 1st to the second you may get permission, it will depend upon footprint (how much you are allowed to extend over the whole plot) At present the second supersedes the 1st, so your best action is to press on with the 1st, but put in a foundation for the second at the same time, whilst you apply for the variation.


Answered 23rd Mar 2015

This is the conundrum about permitted development (PD) vs full plans applications.
3 metres does not require full plans, 5 metres does. As the previous answer said it depends on the "footprint" percentage overall, usually 20% but this can vary council to council. You may be able to do the side extension part of the project under PD and the main one under plans, It will all depend on your planning office. Have a chat with a building control officer, they are usually familiar with this problem but are not constrained by political planning interests.


Answered 25th Mar 2015

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