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What is this cement for and can i remove it?


I live in an end of terrace ground floor flat and one room has a lone line of what looks like cement running along the floor against the external wall.

What is this for? No other room against the external wall has it. It makes it impossible to place furniture against this wall so I would like to have it removed. Is this possible? this is an image showing my room floor plan with the red part indicating where the cement is. this is a picture taken with the lid removed from the boxed in area. It measures about 350mm high and 20mm deep.

Thank you so much for any advice.

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Hi, I have looked at your pictures and it looks as though the party wall has been badly underpinned. I am wondering if your neighbour has a basement extension? If I were dealing with this I would- with a very light breaker nibble at the concrete in a downward action from the top, only trying to skim a few mm off at a time. If any steel reinforcement exposed, stop and reinstate the concrete. If it sounds hollow, there may be a pipe inside so also stop. I would repeat this process along the length at 1m intervals to ascertain if it is overcast pinning (which I think it is) and taking great care. You should really get a party wall surveyor involved before starting this, so that they can inspect next door as well, because any damage their side you will be responsible for repairing. I do think you will be able to remove this, but slowly, gently and taking great care nibbling at it, brushing away and inspecting on a constant basis until you have established it is not hiding any pipework or reinforcement.


Answered 23rd Mar 2015

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