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Ring main puzzle - tripping when nothing plugging in

My brother's ring main trips out when nothing is plugged in. When he plugs the television in, it will work for half an hour then trip out again. My thoughts lean towards a regular spike on the main (though the lights stay on) or water ingress on a socket "somewhere" The house is 100 years old, hasn't been rewired to a good standard and the landlord is not very interested. Your thoughts are much appreciated.
Many thanks.

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Sounds like a neutral to earth or live to earth short on a section of cable somewhere, either ones that's buried in the wall or under the floor. Its very unlikely to be a voltage spike, and the issue indicates that there is a problem with the wiring. For safety the landlord should have had the wiring tested within the last 5 years and be in possession of a Landlords Electrical Safety Certificate. Would suggest that a copy of this is requested by the tenant and if the landlord can't produce one then a test/inspection should be arranged asap. Its likely that some remedial work (possibly a degree of rewiring) would be required to solve the problem.


Answered 18th Mar 2015

Ok my thoughts are simple
A full NICEIC should be done every 5 yrs and every house should be retired every 20-25 yrs
As this is rented then yes the landlord should get it tested due to h&s of any tenant and for insurance


Answered 18th Mar 2015

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