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New wood floor - before or after skirting

Hi I am planning laying new hardwood floor throughout the hallway and living room. It will need laying atop plywood which will be fixed to floorboards to level out the floor. My question is do I fit the new floor before fitting new skirting boards or after? Thanks!

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Dearest friend
It is always the best and really looks more professional to put the skirting after the floor installation. Assuming that your hardwood floor is floating, it will have an essential expansion gap all round from the walls of 13 to 15mm so the skirting will cover this gap. In new properties where the skirting is pre-installed by the builders (they do not allow you to have your new property without skirting even if you ask for it) then to my opinion and very successful experience from several jobs, white beading is the best to use, matching the colour of the skirting instead of the hardwood floor. After filling the beading/skirting gap with white wood filler, it really looks like there is only skirting with nice foot finishing design on top of your flooring.
And three more useful recommendations for you:
1. Have the installer fit your flooring flow-through from room to room (avoiding door threshold strips) and under all the door frames (cut the frames for the thickness of the wood plus the underlay with a mutitool).
2. Where you have to use door threshold strips from the wood floor to carpet or tiles etc. it is much nicer using solid oak threshold strips than metal or plastic ones. You ll possibly need step-down solid oak threshold strips and you can find those at B&Q, floors2go etc. Also covering the gap of the hardwood floor from the external doors like going out to the garden or round the fireplace step etc. where the white beading either is too tall or it does not colour-match, you can use solid oak D-shape molding strip available at B&Q.
3. Use two types of underlay for much better insulation and damp-proofing.
First against the floor you can use the foil/foam Vitrex Silverlay underlay which comes in roles of 10m2 and it is available at Homebase for £22.99 per role and then the Dial wood fiber underlay (green packages) available at B&Q for £24 per pack (covering 9.6m2 each pack).


Answered 17th Mar 2015

Always if you can lay floor first and then fit skirting's its the best finish you will get and hides all expansion gaps as beading always seems to come away and can move if caught when cleaning


Answered 16th Mar 2015

Always looks a neater job putting skirting boards on afterwards, however if you did put the skirting down first then you can get a quadrant bead to match the wood floor, which can be used to sit against the skirting board and hide the cut edge of the flooring. Hope this is of help, Liam


Answered 16th Mar 2015

you'll need to cover your expansion gap with skirting so floor first and then skirting board


Answered 16th Mar 2015

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