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Radiators downstairs not working

We have a chateaux and Maury se80 combo boiler. To start with 3 of the four radiators upstairs where red hot, and downstairs only hot around the edges and top. Now the radiators downstairs will not heat up full stop. All radiators have lockshield valves on both ends. I have opened every valve on every radiator and still radiators downstairs are freezing and upstairs only Luke warm. Is this a fault with the radiators or boiler? We have 4 radiators upstairs and 3 downstairs. Boiler is upstairs. Any help greatly appreciated!

4 Answers from MyBuilder Heating Engineers

What size is your pipe work?
This could well be a balancing problem.
If you close them all except for one or two that don't heat up now what happens.
If this doesn't work get someone in to have a look and give you a quote. Won't cost anything and you will know what the issues are.
Get back to me when you have done the first bit above.


Answered 17th Mar 2015

Faulty Pump.


Answered 18th Mar 2015

Upstairs radiators working ? Gravity ! !
Downstairs not ?
Pump failure within appliance !


Answered 23rd Mar 2015

pump not working.


Answered 25th Mar 2015

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