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Whether to have an extension built for a bathroom ?

We have a two bedroom house which used to be a three bedroom house until 30 or so years ago when the previous owner turned one of the bedrooms into a bathroom. We moved in 16 years ago. I have stripped out the bathroom, ready for complete redecoration inc new ceiling / bathroom suite etc and have worked out that it will cost about £1,000 to do. I'm a very competent DIYer and will have this done in a week or so. However, we have suddenly realised that now is the ideal time to turn the room back into a bedroom and increase the value and desirability of our house. We would like to build a new bathroom at the back of the house by having a single storey extension of about 8 metres square built, and was wondering if this is a good idea, considering the cost of the extension compared to the cost of just redecorating the existing bathroom. We can't help feeling though that to spend £1,000 on the existing bathroom is just throwing money away, and that even if we spent ten times that on an extension it would be money much better spent in the long run. What do you think ? Thanks, Francis.

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Its impossible to say without seeing the property, but if you are turning a bathroom into a bedroom and then building new bathroom on the side, then you will increase the value of your property, since it will have an additional bedroom and new bathroom. All depends on the cost of the extension, the ceiling price of the houses on the street and whether you are looking at doing this and moving or staying for another 16 years.....hope this helps


Answered 14th Mar 2015

I assume you mean 8m2 and not 8m x 8m which is 8m square
I don't know where you live but here in Glasgow when I submit Building Warrant applications I base an extension cost of £1000 per m2 so it would cost approx £8000
I would agree a 3 bedroom house is worth more and would sell quicker than a 2 bedroom house
Hope this helps

Hope this helps


Answered 14th Mar 2015

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