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Led floodlight wiring

I am replacing my old garden floodlight which had internal terminal block connections with an LED floodlight. The problem is that the new floodlight has a 3 core live , neutral and earth cable, but on my original wiring I have a Live, neutral, switch live & earth. This was so I could switch on my floodlight from a light switch inside the house to override the PIR. Can I connect the switch live and live feed From the house to the live wire from the floodlight?

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Most pir floodlights can be used in pir or permanently on modes by using only a switched line (live) wire. I.e. Normally they operate in pir mode but this can be overridden by flicking the switch off and on within a couple of seconds. So make safe the existing permanent line (live) but do not connect it at the fitting. Only connect switched line, neutral and earth. To clarify, both line and neutral are 'live' conductors, hence the use of the word 'line'.

Better still, hire a competent person to do the job safely and well.


Answered 15th Mar 2015

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