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Party boundary semi detached house

Hi ,
Our local authority has a 3.33 projection limit on a party boundary for a rear extension - I'm looking to extend ( single story ) further than this . Does anyone know the regulations on how far across from the boundary before I can step out further to say 4m ( plan is to build 3.33 then increase ) Appreciate I need to speak to planners etc but I think it'll be easier to make an appointment to see the queen ! So just wondered if anyone has experience with this before I start. Is there a hard and fast rule I keep hearing the 45 degree rule ?!?

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depends on lots of factors and its impossible to say without seeing the property first. Most planning authorities have a drop in centre, 9-4 each working day. These are free and you can talk to the duty officer for 15mins, who will be able to help you. Once you have your answer, you need to get a designer in to draft up the plans for you (like us!)....hope this helps


Answered 14th Mar 2015

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