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Footing and concreate type advice for two storey extension 3,5m x 6m ( end of tarrace house )???

Good morning,

I'm building two storey extension 3,5m x 6m and I was wondering what footing measure and concrete type is recomended. It's end of tarrace house and close to the river ( about 25m from the extension side).
About footing -inspector from hillingdon council recomended to dig for 1m and then wait for council inspector. Is 1m x 300mm footing accaptable?
Concrete type C20? P260? ...additionally I need the pump due to no driveway access:( That pump is about £350min , right ? We are building ground floor first and will be finishing fist floor within 2-3 years

I appriciate any advice and your comments...

Thank you

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Minimum footings for two storey would be 1.2 deep x600 wide if only building to 14 feet then the footings could be 1m x 450 wide
300 mm would not pass building inspection
Cost for concrete pump sounds about right you should only pay for one load and any additional loads should be around £50 or they may agree to pump all for one price


Answered 11th Mar 2015

If you are unsure on what size footings to use, then you should have employed an structural engineer to do the calculations for you. However building control will tell you what they want to see in order for it to comply, so ask them. To be completely honest, you shouldn't really be tackling a job like this if you are not sure what you are doing - its a skilled job and the foundations are the most important element of any structure. Get them wrong and you are heading for failure...


Answered 14th Mar 2015

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