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I would like to change our semi from 525 sq ft to approx 900 sq ft by adding extensions to the rear (3m or more) and side but I would also like to change the shapes and sizes of the rooms too, basically re-designing the whole layout. This would involve moving supporting walls (they all seem to be supporting) and knocking down a central chimney breast which may support the loft conversion floor). Could anyone tell me is this even possible? Would it just be too costly to be worth it? We have a very large back garden but limited space at the side ( 7 ft increasing to 11 ft). Thank you

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Hi Karen,
I don't know where in UK you live but here in Scotland as long as the proposals comply with Planning and Building Control you can carry out the works.
I often apply to district councils for such permissions and I involve a structural engineer when required.
Therefore you will need to contact someone like myself to visit the property and advise you on your proposals
It's difficult to give you a cost for the proposals that a builder would charge without seeing the property and the scope of the works involved
I would also say that the cost is only something you can decide is worth the work
Hope this helps


Answered 11th Mar 2015

Anything is possible within reason, it mostly comes down to cost and whether the effort, outweighs the gain. Impossible to say without seeing it first.


Answered 14th Mar 2015

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