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Extension over existing patio


I'm planning to build full width rear extension 8m x 4m. There is currently a patio that covers the areas we are planning to extend over. The slabs are around 28mm with a sub base around 100mm. Could a lay sand then a DPM following by concrete slab, insulation and screed over the patio? I guess a lot depends on how low below floor level the current patio. I think it's around 20mm. If it's not enough could I remove the slabs and use the existing sub-base? I'd rather not dig it all up only to have to lay another base for the slab.

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You need to work out your levels and then dig it all up, get your hardcore down, your dpm, insulation and slab over (or insulate over the slab - whichever you prefer). You have no idea what the ground is like under the patio and laying a floor slab is a lot different to laying a patio....If still unsure, get a good builder in to do the ground works for you - its the most important part of the build....if the foundations are bad, then you are heading for failure...


Answered 14th Mar 2015

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