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How to level a floor right through my house

Hi there. I am looking to install some solid oak flooring solid right through my house, which I have done in the past on level concrete. My question is more to do with the sub. I own a mid terrace house built in 1903. Due to alterations and an extension over the years I have a mixture of concrete and suspended floors, each of varying heights and slopes. The difference between them isn't much but it's enough. How should I go about making in level right through? I had thought of installing some 25 mm TG flooring chipboard with cut battens to make up any difference? Then laying the oak flooring on top. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I would first ply the suspended floors with 6mm ply, if the suspended floors are unlevel then us an appropriate levelling compound for timber substrate and then overply using 20 - 25 mm staples.then you need to prime the slab and use a levelling compound to tie in all the separate areas. Using a laser level to survey it first might be an advantage.


Answered 13th Mar 2015

Get a laser levelling device, fix to the wall where it can beam into as many rooms as possible. Set it at say 1m from a floor or where you think is the highest point. With a straight stick vertical mark the beam on it. Move to all corners and all rooms and see what the difference is on the stick - this is the levelling you will need - move the laser and fix to the walls in the other rooms and again find out the hight differences. You will now know what thickness of material to fix over which substrates for the perfect level floor.


Answered 15th Jan 2019

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