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We are presently looking to purchase a 3 bed apex style bungalow. The square footage is approx 1300 sq ft. We would like to know which woud be the best option to extend the back of the property making a large kitchen/ diner/ family room. Or convert loft to move possibly 2 bedrooms and ensuite upstairs. Then utilise the room downstairs without extending.

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Hi PAtrick here from PL CONSTRUCTION, with regard to dilemma the loft conversion is a good option providing it is a cut roof, by that I mean it was made on site when the house was being built as opposed to a prefabricated roof trusses, a surveyor will be able to confirm this for you. Be very aware that loft conversions are very intricate in the way trusses are tied in and the correct steel RSJ's etc.. Cost of either will be about the same. Personally I would go for the extension first. Hope this helps. Patrick


Answered 8th Mar 2015

I don't know where you live but here in Scotland both proposals are feasable. The attic works may require structural work be carried out to floor ' joists' and steel beams reqd. Insulation to roof etc Main thing is the new fixed stair position and fire doors etc
An extension is probably more cost effective
I've obtained building warrants for both projects here in glasgow and surrounding areas



Answered 8th Mar 2015

It really depends on what you want to gain and what you really need as a family. Do you need more living space or more bedrooms?....The loft of a bungalow is usually straight forward to convert, since the walls are usually all brick or block and load bearing. So as far as costs go both options will be pretty similar depending on what your final specification is. All these various factors need taking into consideration before you decide the best route forward. I would therefore recommend you have a feasibility proposal drawn up or at least have someone visit and look over the existing construction and talk through your ideas....hope this helps...


Answered 14th Mar 2015

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