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Electrician lied about being registered with napit

Just had some rewiring and light replaced in my house. The electrician who did the work mentioned he was NAPIT registered. Silly of me to take it on his word and not ask for his badge. Took 2 days for the work, which he had quoted would take a day. Tried to cut corners but I was wary and rechecked everything he did and made him do it properly. This made me suspicious and I checked on NAPIT and saw that neither he nor his company is registered. His company sounded the same as a reputable one in Kent, which I assumed is the one. A little investigation revealed it isn't the same. He issued me a minor works certificate, which was little weird as rewiring the bathroom was supposed to be notifiable. I did an online search and it seems he has been declared bankrupt last year. I have contacted the council building regulators for help and to get it certified. What should be my best course of action be ?

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Seek the services of a solicitor and claim damages through small claims court. Always check the tradesman accreditation as its very common to find that they are unregistered!


Answered 7th Mar 2015

Speak to trading standards, they will contact him on your behalf, he could face a custodial sentence if he has deliberately lied to you.
It's cheaper than employing another shark dressed as a (solicitor)


Answered 8th Mar 2015

You receive a certificate first - whether minor works or installation from the electrician. If the work has been notified this cert comes a week or so later via the post.


Answered 7th Mar 2015

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