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Earthing a metal light

we have just taken down a fan with a light in the centre to replace with a metal 3 spot light fitting and the cables from the ceiling have a live and neutral cable but the short piece of earth cable was screwed on to the metal plate holding the light and into the terminal on the light fitting. the new light fitting had a earth terminal and we have just done the same with it and attached it to the metal bracket holding the new light fitting up . is this ok to do as it appears to work ok

thanks in advance


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If you are saying the cable supplying the fitting only has a live and neutral and no earth cable then the fitting should either be totally made of plastic or it should be double insulated (symbol of a square within a square should be found on the sticker on the light fitting).
If it is not double insulated then it should be earthed with an earth cable which connects the fitting to the means of earthing at the origin of the installation.


Answered 8th Mar 2015

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