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Had my bathroom tiled last year ,they used combined adhesive/grout can`t get the residue off the tiles.

is there a product that i can buy or do I need to scrape it off.It`s discoloured & dull.

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Hi, have you tried using grout remover?? you can pick it up from places like tops tiles or B&Q etc, etc. This should be used with a special scouring pad, which they will also sell, which will help to remove it. its best to go to a specilist tile shop though for any advice as they will have more knowledge than general D.I.Y stores like B&Q or wickes.
Hope that helps.


Answered 1st Mar 2011

best bet is to use CITRI SOLV A its a oil based remover you can buy online


Answered 1st Mar 2011

go to a place like topps tiles and buy a grout removal block it comes with 4 different coloured pads each a different grade ,it will take time but is worth it in the end


Answered 2nd Mar 2011

Hi sorry to hear your problem , the grout / adhesive is on for good as this kind of product sets like adhesive as in the name, grout pads will probably scratch the tiles if they are gloss so just try HG grout remover and none scratch scourer from supermarket and a lot of time and effort


Answered 2nd Mar 2011

Hi there, sounds like a DIYer completed your bathroom not a tradesmen. I would recommend a lot of hard work and elbow grease, grout removers only work on grout not a combo of grout and adhesive in one, a stanley bladed window scraper used with care should help as will wetting the areas first
kind regards


Answered 14th Mar 2011

Best for this problem is nanoscrub by a company called aquamix available online chemical free so will not damage your tiles


Answered 14th Mar 2011

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