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Dear all, we have employed structural engineer to do the calcs for the steel lintel to be inserted into boundary wall of our bungalow. We would like to have bi-folding doors installed. The span is 4100mm. What is really confusing me is the fact, that he suggested what RSJ we need for this, but he is also suggesting to use 150x200mm bearing beam and plate one side and 250x200 bearing beam and plate the other side. Is this normal? I thought that the RSJ is normally supported from the brickwork. Thanks for your help

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sounds perfectly fine to me, but you would be best discussing this with the engineer if you require further clarification. The use of pad stones is correct and usual practice for steelwork, as they spread the load of the beam and provide a strong foundation.


Answered 10th Mar 2015

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am suspecting by saying bearing beam you mean the padstones. You require a padstone to reduce the stress created by the beam which are trying to crash the brick work. A bigger bearing reduces this stress and spread it into a larger area and then to your foundations. In other words is a good practice to use padstones to bear the steelwork onto existing brickwork.
Hope that helps.


Answered 4th Mar 2015

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