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Washing machine not working - tripping fuse


Our washing machine has stopped working. When you turn it on, it comes on but then almost immediately trips the RCD fuse on the consumer unit. I have changed the fuse to double check it wasn't that and have also plugged it into a different socket but it still trips the RCD.

Does this sound like an easily solved problem or a symptom of something serious? Just wondering if it's actually worthwhile repairing or buying a new one.

We inherited the washing machine from the previous homeowners so have no idea how old the machine is. It is a Hotpoint Aquarius 1200 WM64.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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It sounds like you have an internal fault with the appliance, as problem only occurs when using washing machine. I Suggest you stop using the appliance immediately and call an appliance engineer. Have a periodic inspection carried out on your household wiring as soon as possible.
Obviously it is impossible to give an accurate diagnosis of the problem without attending the installation. This is advice only and you should call out a professional immediately.


Answered 6th Mar 2015

You have a wiring fault within the washing machine. If it's tripping immediately then we can rule out faulty pump or motor. Could be that you have water leaking inside the machine and getting into the wiring. Unfortunately there are a whole host of components that could be faulty and any number of other factors causing it to trip. I would like to suggest that it is worth getting someone to have a quick look as it sounds like all the major components ( rinse pump, main motor, bearings etc. ) could well be in good order as the machine causes a problem before any of theses things have had chance to run. Its well worth spending 30-40 pounds to have someone take a look ( as its possibly just a small problem) before shelling out on a new machine.


Answered 6th Mar 2015

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