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4 inch brick wall, how high and how many pillars?

We have a garage that forms the boundary of our property. Unfortunately it's not fit for purpose; being built in the 50s when cars were smaller it was fine but you wouldn't get your doors open now.

One of the walls of the garage forms the boundary and is 4 inch thick and around 8 feet high (garage height). What we ideally want to do is leave that wall in place and take out the roof, back garage wall and one of the sides, making our garden bigger.

Our surveyor has said that leaving a single 4 inch brick wall that high is unsafe. Is there anything we can do so that this 'boundary' wall can remain, or does the whole garage have to come down and we start from scratch?

The side of the garage we want to keep up acts as a wall between our garden and neighbours at the back of us.

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Hi, Peter from Bricktek, your surveyor is correct to have concerns. Four inch boundary or garden walls can be strengthened by building piers every metre or so but to do this can be quite time consuming. New concrete pads would be required, and special ties drilled and plugged to tie in the new brickwork. If your wall is approximately sixty years old this will cause some vibration and more harm than good could result. Alternatively a whole new skin of brickwork could be erected to turn the wall into a full brick wide. Again, this would need a new footing and ties to be drilled in every four courses high or so. I'm not sure whether this would need council approval but I would err on the side of caution. Lastly, (and depending on whether your wall stays intact following the dismantling of the roof and other walls), have the lot down and have a new wall or timber fence.


Answered 4th Mar 2015

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