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Steelwork for new extension

When our semi detached house was built it was built with a 1m extension on the rear side to avoid the kitchen being a galley style kitchen, this means we have a steel in place supporting the side elevation above the kitchen.

Now that we are considering a 3m rear extension spanning the width of the house it means the new steel supporting the rear of the house will be at the same height as the existing steel supporting the side elevation above the kitchen.

I am reluctant to have the new steel underneath the existing steel because the ceiling height will be to low.

I want to know where the new steel and existing steel cross can the existing steel be cut and be bolted or welded either side to the new steel?

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simple answer yes they can either bolt or weld


Answered 2nd Mar 2015

100% It can be done, but you need a structural engineer to tell you how and a professional welder who's ready to work on site.


Answered 2nd Mar 2015

yes this is common issue we have encountered over the years, firstly, you need engineers detail in the form of a drawing that shows cleat dimensions and bolt hole positions.
once we have these, we can cut and plate the existing beam by welding on site, and bolt the new steel to the cleat....simple.


Answered 3rd Mar 2015

You need to contact a structural engineer. The job itself is not difficult. Steel can be welded to provide the support you need.


Answered 3rd Mar 2015

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