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Minimum clearance for installing downlights

Hello, I am planning to install down lights in the corridor in my flat, and according to the package minimum clearing from the top of the downlight to the concrete ceiling there must me >=140mm of clearing. I have only 50mm.
When switching the light on (my connecting to the mains :) i can see there's a lot of heat from the bulb, but not from the casing or the cables behind.

What would be the risk of installing these lights? Is there any or is it just a precaution on manufacturer's part?

Many Thanks

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Buy LED lamps they emit virtually no heat


Answered 1st Mar 2015

You should follow the manufacturer's recommendations as these measurements are normally made under test conditions with regards to the amount of heat that can be emitted. It is quite often the case that the amount of heat builds up over a period of time which can be especially dangerous in confined spaces.

Low emitting heat lamps such as LED or fire rated ones that require less clearing space could be a good alternative solution providing they comply with the amount of space you have available above the ceiling.


Answered 2nd Mar 2015

Due to the fire risk, halogen lamps need a good airflow around them hence the clearance distance stipulated. If they are not installed as per the manufacturers instructions it may well void your home insurance if a fire was to occur. Slimline LED fittings would be a safer choice.


Answered 2nd Mar 2015

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