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Help on fitting a stud wall pattress


Is there a way these can be fitted so that the front edges of the pattress can be hidden within the walls (we don't want it to show after we install thin face plates)? We are fitting these to existing (lath style) stud walls, also to newly erected stud walls that have already been skimmed.


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The Pattress boxes should of been fitted before skimming!!!, then the plasterer, can skim over the edges. I have gently cut the plaster around the rim to recess pattress with a stanley knife, but its very time consuming.


Answered 4th Mar 2015

The plasterboard boxes you refer to are not designed for lathe and plater walls. They are designed to be fitted into unskimmed plasterboard, such that the edge is then skimmed over.

There is no way that this type of cavity plasterboard box can be fitted to an already plastered wall and the edge hidden. Best solution is to not use flat plate accessories but normal ones that will cover the edge.

If the job had been done properly a wooden batten would have been installed in the old wall behind where the switch is situated before plastering and a standard flush metal box fitted.


Answered 4th Mar 2015

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