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Asbestos in 1930s home


I've recently had an extension done to my kitchen with an external wall knocked down making a large kitchen diner. There are no clear asbestos products in my house, I am now however concerned that the walls could have contained asbestos in the plaster or insulation in a way that would have been hidden from the builders. Is this possible?

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I always say to my customers get checks done, I use a company called acorn in northampton, did the wall have artex on? I wouldn't think your walls would have it in mostly ceilings.

You can get the other walls tested if you're worried in that room, that would tell you if the wall joined to the wall taken down had it in.



Answered 26th Feb 2015

The only real potential materials would have been in Artex or Thermoplastic tiles, both would only contain chrysotile and therefore is a non licensed! hazard (has to be disposed of correctly).


Answered 28th Feb 2015

After a recent asbestos awareness course I am now aware asbestos is safe when it is incased if builders have exposed what you feel to be asbestos I would suggest having it checked by an asbestos paster if you mean artex then yes this does contain asbestos and is safe until disturbed as they used to use this method as a fire break.
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Answered 26th Feb 2015

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