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Electrical boiler power supply

Been renovating a room and noticed a old fused power switch that used to supply an old electrical boiler thats been long removed.

I replaced the fused switch with an electrical socket and works fine.

However after checking the consumer unit it looks like it's on a 15a breaker.

Would it be safe to use this for low draw appliances? Currently using it for a lamp.



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As long as the radial circuit has one socket on it and is on a 15A breaker, there is no problem with using it in this manner. It can be used for more than low draw appliances as the overcurrent protection is formed by the breaker.
Hope this helps.


Answered 31st Aug 2011

Do you know the csa (cross section area) of the cable supplying the outlet? It is likely to be 2.5mm and would be ok on 15A breaker. The breaker is there to protect the cable so in the event you overload the socket the breaker would trip (thats the plan!)

A lamp would not overload the circuit breaker, you would be ok with most household appliances. Just avoid popping a 4-8 way adaptor in and plugging a kettle, welder, hoover, heater in all at once :)

Check the CSA though as if you have a 1mm cable (or less if flex) you might have a problem.

Hope this helps


Answered 31st Aug 2011

If it is on a 15amp circuit it probably is a lot older than 10 years therefore the current electrical Regulations recommend that the whole installation has an inspection to check the complete installation is safe.
As for the 15amp breaker controlling the circuit providing the cable is 2.5 mm or above and the R1+ R2,and the normal insulation tests are satisfactory, the earth loop and polarity correct then it would be ok to control a lamp providing the right fuse is fitted in the plug top 3 or 5amp.
sounds complicated thats why good electricians spend years studying if in doubt put the inspection on mybuilder and check it all, once every ten years then sleep easy at night


Answered 31st Aug 2011

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