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Radiators not heating in new central heating system

I have had a new Boiler Vaillant EcoTect Plus 831 and 8 new radiators installed as part off my building work. Now the system wasn't tested as the building work went on but was getting hot water coming out.

Now the hot water works perfectly and heats up efficiently.

The problems lies in the RADs. The pressure is at 2.4bar and all rads are bleeded to let all air out.

The first 2 closest radiators heat up boiling hot but the water water hardly reaches upstairs. You either get cold or warm pipes and rads never heat up.

I researched on balancing and closing the first 2 boiling rads supply to quater turn and left for 2 hours and still nothing.

Now I shut all rads and only left one open in the bedroom and still hardly ever get the hot water to travel upstairs.

The return pipe is always cold. Now I'm not sure if the setting on the boiler are set correctly or needs tweaking. Read the manual few times and i found my way round the menu system.

Any advice?

3 Answers from MyBuilder Heating Engineers

Empty of proper heating engineer who is a heating engineer and not just a plumber its a simple problem, your builders must have installed incorrectly and may not have been qualified if they re not report them to gas safe register, you should also have a building certificate as it is notifiable works


Answered 23rd Feb 2015

sounds like the instsllation has been piped up wrong will need looking at first hand to see the issue


Answered 17th Jun 2016

are valves on boiler fully open,are trvs open,are lockshield valves open,did you use old pipework that served old system.if so was it power flushed,were there open ends on pies as building work was carried out(plastering etc you may have plaster cement etc in pipes), do you have magnetic filter on boiler return valves on it may not be fully open or if old pipework used it may be blocked with sludge,the filter also has air bleed cock on top, you need to get builders plumber back to explain what he has done,heating engineer/plumber either of them would be competent to do a household central heating system,if its a fault on pipework side of installation gas safe will not help do not need to be gas safe to install the wet side of a central heating system


Answered 9th Feb 2017

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