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Spotlight installation with tiled floor above

I would like to have down lights put in my kitchen, but part of the kitchen ceiling runs below the bathroom where the floor is tiled. Most of the kitchen space is accessible from above by going through bedroom floorboards but what would be the case for the fittings going under the bathroom? Can this be done?

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firstly you need to establish which way all of your celling joists go, yes there may be a noggin in the way in the od spot but think out of the box, can you get access from other rooms, what about under the bath? using a combination of skill and tools, you can get a cable just about anywhere you want. but if it is really difficult it may cost.


Answered 20th Feb 2015


If it is a plasterboard ceiling then yes, it is called "discing" the ceiling. Large discs are cut from the ceiling to allow access through joists/noggins, the disc is put back, filled and painted.


Answered 22nd Feb 2015

It seems excessive but normally the best option is to get a quote from a plasterer to re-plaster board the whole ceiling and skim, as said seems ecessive but in my opinion is easiest way and safer. You and the electrician can make a good plan around the joists, you have no risk of drilling through the pipe work hidden. And the joists can be drilled to enable the cabling to all the downlights. And you end up with beautiful new clean ceiling.


Answered 4th Mar 2015

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