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Fuse box tripping in kitchen

We have a fuse box just for the electricals in the kitchen and a couple of times recently something has tripped it off. I thought it was the washing machine as that was on both times, but have just had it checked and all is good. Quite a lot of the bulbs in the kitchen have also gone (they are halogen GU10 50W bulbs), they seem to go quite frequently. I'm not sure what could be wrong or even where to start looking any thoughts?

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Hi is your fuse board RCD protected? If so it is probably the RCD that is blowing. This could be down to a earth fault when the bulbs blow. This would be my first port of call the bulbs more often than not will blow when you turn the light switch on. This is a common problem when bulbs blow.

If the problem continues and you figure out it is not the bulbs blowing the RCD contact mybuilder (posting a job).

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Answered 18th Feb 2015

It will depend on what trips off as to the cause. Light bulbs generally don't cause a RCD device to trip as lamps themselves generally don't short to earth.

If it is a RCD unit that is tripping this is caused by an earth leakage and this can be caused by a faulty machine, or a overload of leakage current from a lot of items running at the same time or a fault on the wiring. If it is a machine it will generally be one with either a heating element or a motor.

The lamps blowing could be due to poor quality lamps or could be down to bad installation of the lamps. Halogen lamps must not be touched by bare hands as this greatly reduces the lifespan of the lamp. I would purchase a couple of good quality lamps or even led lamps as these will be much cheaper to run and see if this helps with the lamps. If you decide to stick with halogen lamps install them while wearing rubber gloves and this will help them last longer.

Will require more info on what device is tripping off to offer any further advice on that.


Answered 22nd Feb 2015


Previous answer is not really correct. When a halogen lamp "blows" it is designed to short circuit so the MCB/Fuse trips/fuses. So if you are losing the lighting circuit only blame teh halogen lamps, cheap ones by the way will only last weeks/months. Do yourself a favour and replace with LED, save you a fortune in electricity.

If it is the RCD tripping, this is the device with a test button on it, then you have an earth fault. Doing a ramp test with various appliances plugged in will identify the culprit. In a few cases it is the actual wiring but in a kitchen/utility 99% of the time it is the appliance.


Answered 22nd Feb 2015

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