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I've got brickwork that is crumbling and has bits falling off on the exterior of my house could someone advise me on the best remedy for this.

I have pebble dash in good condition on the exterior walls, but bellow that there is 2 courses of brickwork above ground level that is crumbling away. I would like to know if rendering or painting this will help as I have read that this traps moisture in and can make it worse. I would greatly appreciate an expert opinion on this.

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your bricks are old during winter water get inside the bricks when it freezes the water inside the bricks freezes . after the freeze is over the bricks defrost when this happens the bricks expands and blows the face off the bricks ,you need to replace old for new dont think you have damp problems it happens a lot put on my builder get a few quotes its not a big job it looks worst than it is


Answered 12th Sep 2011

damp has got into the brickwork wich will freeze in winter and then crumble,replace all bricks with new ones,and then paint with a rubberised solution,this will cure the problem.


Answered 31st Aug 2011

I wouldnt paint or render over it.
You dont say what percentage of bricks need replacing, but would suggest cutting out the affected bricks and replace.
If its the entire 2 rows of bricks, consider replacing with engineering bricks, doing a section at a time.


Answered 31st Aug 2011

I would replace all bricks a section at a time using a disc cutter,also put your
Hand in the cavity and remove any bits of old mortar and brick rubble above
Damp course.


Answered 3rd Sep 2011

Are you suffering with damp problems inside the house? If not, i would suggest that either a good waterproofer/sealer (like Ronseal weathergaurd) is sprayed or painted onto the outside of the bricks to protect from further errosion this option will allow for the bricks to matain a natural appearance, or aternatively paint with a liquid bitumen which will be black. Both will require you to re-apply in the future and providing its done regularly according to the manufacturers guidlines further errosion should be significantly rejuced.

If you are suffering with damp inside the house the above option should not be applied until you have an inspection to see why you have damp problems and they are resolved.


Answered 31st Aug 2011

The 2 courses you are referring to are at ground level ? and below the DPC? the problem here is caused by water ingress from the exterior and from rising ground water. The water is freezing during the winter and blowing the bricks this is a common fact. You could go down the route of replacing them around the house with engineering bricks if you have won the lottery, or a more practical solution is to just replace the bad bricks and then repoint all blown joints. Once this is completed I would suggest a injecting the bricks with a silicone to make them impervious to water ingress from ground water and from external rain water.


Answered 1st Aug 2019

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