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Shower room spotlights

I just wondered how I can tell whether my down lighters in my shower room are safe and compliant with the regs. They are zone 1. What should I look for? They were in my house when I arrived but I always wondered whether they were safe and don't know how to tell. Thanks.

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Previous answer not quite correct. Zone 1 has a maximum height from the shower/bath, if you have a high ceiling then this may be outside of the zone.

Because of the IP rating required, All Zone 1 fittings will have a glass cover that the lamp sits behind, no cover then not Zone 1 suitable. If it has a glass cover then this does not prove that it is a Zone 1 compliant fitting, you have to check with the manufacturer to be sure. If you have any doubt use My Builder to get a quote to change them over.


Answered 22nd Feb 2015

Zone 1 of a bathroom is above the bath or shower enclosure basin up to the ceiling. The further away from the basin you go the higher the zone and the lower grade of protection required. If the lights are zone one then they are appropriate for the bathroom. Only the manufacturer of a product can tell you if it is appropriate for a certain area, if an electrician fitted the lights to the bathroom, they would have produced a installation certificate for the lights from which you could get their contact details and check with them if in concerned.


Answered 20th Feb 2015

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