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Radiator sludge

I've been told I need a magnaclean device to remove all the black sludge in my radiator this costly to buy?and where does it be fitted to.

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They are around £130.00 and are a preventative measure not a solution to an already slugged up system.

What you need is a power flush and a magna clean


Answered 17th Feb 2015

You can get a system filter ( such as a magnaclean ) can get them for around £100, it will work to a degree of preventing sludge build up and debris entering the boiler but as above quoted, your existing pipework and radiators could still hold the iron oxides and sludge build up so a Powerflush with relevant cleaning solutions would be recommended. Regards, Andy


Answered 18th Feb 2015

Have your system chemically tested and you will get a proper report in to how to treat the system properly by a heating engineer, 1 hours labour plus the test kit, its very easy to test and give you the results.

Never neglect your heating system components as most do it will destroy your boiler before the warranty expires if not serviced properly.


Answered 23rd Feb 2015

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