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13a isolator switches


Is it possible to have an overriding 13A Isolator Switch to a 13A Isolator Switch?

We used to have a hot water vented cylinder with an electronically powered mains wired immersion heater operated by a 13A Isolator Switch, which was located on the first floor of a two storey house, which was convenient for us to operate whenever more hot water was required due to it's location.

We then replaced this cylinder with a hot water 'unvented' cylinder also with an electronically powered immersion heater, which is now located in the Cellar, currently operated by a mains socket.

We want to be able to operate this new immersion heater from within the first floor. Our electrician said any Isolator switches need to be mounted close to the device it's operating, so therefore, it'll need to be installed in the cellar next to the cylinder, which makes sense for safety reasons. That's where my question comes in, can we have a second 13A Isolator Switch on the first floor for this immersion heater, so that the mains wiring will first go to the 13A Isolator Switch in the cellar, than go to the 13A Isolator Switch on the first floor, and then to the immersion heater in the cellar. That way we meet safety requirements for having isolators next to the operated device and also gives us the convenience to carry on operating the immersion heater from within the first floor. Is my logic correct? Is there a better way of achieving this requirement, maybe using another setup? Or is it simply not possible?


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you need to wire from the mains feed( breaker) to the first isolator (as that is where your control needs to be) then to the isolator by the cylinder( as this is to isolate the immersion heater for maintenance purposes only) then to the cylinder, regards Terry.


Answered 16th Feb 2015

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