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Lightbulbs lasting up to a week

Hi I have an open plan kitchen dining room, apartment is coverted building and builders gone pop. The lights are 3 banks of 6 (18 downlights/spotlights) gu10 fixtures on one light switch. The bulbs last about a week. I have tried cheap, expensive and several brands and wattages of led bulbs to no avail.
Could this be wiring issues (an electrican came and said they were not earthed, so he did this as light switch kept shocking me) could it be the fixtures themselves, neighbours have complained about cheap eu fixutures being used in there homes, or could it be something else.

please help as I have 2 babies and very worried!!!

the electrician said putting the banks on different switches could be expensive as he would need to find the junction box and this could mean lots of holes in the walls/ceiling trying to find it, I am on maternity so money is tight.

Thanks in advance

2 Answers from MyBuilder Electricians

The best solution to this problem would be to change the light bulbs to a good quality LED bulb. You can buy mains voltage LED bulbs and they are coming down in price all the time. They are more expensive than normal GU10 bulbs but good quality ones are guaranteed for 5 years (osram) (Bell) This would deal with the other issue of power consumption 18 x 50 watt bulbs is 900 watts you will be burning quite a bit of electricity!

Screw fix are doing 10 LED bulbs for about 30 pounds at the moment although there are better quality LED bulbs out there these will do the job a lot better than what you have at the moment.

I hope this is a help to you.


Answered 18th Feb 2015

it might be better to have the lighting circuit tested to see if any faults then think about may be replaceing light fittings with a better led fitting . hope this help good luck


Answered 5th Apr 2017

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