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Power flush complete fail - now only 1 working radiator

We had a problem with 2 radiators out of the 14 in the flat now working. A power flush was recommended and we had that done yesterday (cost over £1k). Now only 1 radiator (the one closest to the boiler) is working. I'm at a loss what to do now. All pipe work etc is under floors / behind walls so any replacements would be a massive job. Any ideas?

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You must contact the operator who carried out the power flush first, before we can advise.

NB: Was the operator a HEATING ENGINEER?
On what bases was the flush recommended?
Did you obtain a second opinion?
Did you ask the operative if their system flush was covered by a warranty before work commenced?

£1K for a power flush is not only vastly excessive but I also feel that you may have been duped!


Answered 18th Feb 2015

If you have had a Powerflush and only 1 radiator is working then I suggest you get them back as they would have a responsibility to leave you with a fully working system, especially after paying double what it would normally cost.


Answered 18th Feb 2015

We are heating engineers and £1000 is over the top you have been ripped off Im afraid, as per the first comment get a proper heating engineer who would look at the symptoms and take a chemical test for you and make the best advice for you. put in your postcode and that it to get an engineer make sure he is a competent heating engineer.

there should be a good reason to power flush and the reason you have more problems now is that the system has not been balanced properly after he has messed up the system for you.


Answered 23rd Feb 2015

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