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Mathius storage heaters not working

Hello, I've had lived with Mathuis storage heaters for nearly 4 years now and although they are a little temperamental they do work. However, over the last couple of months they haven't worked at all. There's a switch next to my boiler for the Economy 7 which I've noticed that although the switch is on, the light indicator is dead. I'm not sure if this has any bearing but I'm just looking for some advice as to whether or not its something I can fix or whether its best to call in an electrician. Thanks

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If the night storage heaters work on economy 7. The light indicator would only come on (if the indicator is working) between the hours your enonomy 7 is active usually between 12 midnight and 7am in the morning, check with your electricity provider, the exact times. The fact you stated they are temperamental is not normal they usually are working or there not.


Answered 14th Feb 2015

Swap them for infarred heaters.
google them, I fit loads.


Answered 15th May 2016

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