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Replacing old conservatory with new - foundations

We have a fifteen year old upvc/polycarb conservatory and will be replacing it with a new construction with upvc frame and one of those light weight solid tiled roofs (alu frame, celotex, ply, Metro tiles etc). We are planning on using the existing footings but because we are adding a solid roof we have to go through Building Control for sign off.

We will need to inspect the current footings for depth which I'm hoping will be sufficient however I want to plan for the worst and would like to know what the options are if BC say they are too shallow. My niggling concerns are that a) the side brick wall has slightly come away from the house - never tied in properly b) we are on clay soil c) the next door neighbours say we are on reclaimed land and they had to have piles put in when they built their 2 storey extension three years ago d) next door has 'lovely' high coniferous hedging.

I guess the options are to rip it all out and start again or underpin in some way?

Any thoughts on what is likely to be the most suitable / economical option? The conservatory is L-shaped and around 22m2.

Many thanks

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Extension Builder

If you are going through building control , you will have to expose some of the footings to allow building control to inspect the footings before you install new construction ,ring building control and they will advise you .


Answered 25th Feb 2015

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