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Should builder return our plans (& other questions)

We have waited for 5 months for a local building company to provide a quote for an extension on a house we purchased in Nov. There were approved plans in place and we were keen to use the builders that had previously done work on the same house. They have had the full architects drawings (2 sets as they denied having the first ones) and the structural drawings since September. We have been denied the ability to speak with any builder by the secretary except on one occasion. Finally we received a quote but it was beyond our price range and despite asking for a revised quote by reducing the work by at least a third, we were told the quote would stay the same. Again we were not permitted to talk to the builders to discuss this, even though there was mention of underpinning and a filled pit in the garden which worries us immensely. We have requested the plans are returned to us as it will cost us money to get further copies, but we are not receiving a reply and the plans have not arrived. Is there anything we can do to get the plans returned? Does this sound like bad practice on the part of the builder and if so, can we take any further action? They completed earlier work on the house, the quality of which is now concerning us a bit since they seem so reluctant to take the job despite showing an interest for 4 months and investing in a full quantitative survey. Lastly, if we do discover defects, is there a mechanism to claim for this given they do not communicate with us?
Many many thanks.

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Could you please tell me why you are bothering with this builder when it is obvious he is not interested in your project, there are plenty of good builders out there that would be willing to quote, he might not want to come back to you house if things went on previously that weren't quite right and may crop up when works start,
If you have you drawings on pdf send them to a local printing company and ask them for a price to print them off, little cost to what i think this builder would cost you


Answered 16th Feb 2015

Firstly your architects should of sent you a digital copy of your drawings and calcs that were required, although some do have slightly different practices.. and will hold you too ransom.
This company are clearly not Intrested in your work, apart from they will do it but you will pay the earth for it, im surprised you have waited this long for them to get back to you ..
If we can be of any assistance please don't hesitate to get intouch through the channels provided.
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Answered 14th Oct 2018

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