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QuestionPros and cons of switching gas central heating to electric?

Our walls and floors are solid so we have unsightly pipes going everywhere at the moment. We were initially going to tidy up the pipework but are now considering electric radiators instead.

In your professional opinion, which is better to have, and have you noticed any increase in people switching over to electric ( particularly since the introduction of solar panels) ?


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1. Gas is far cheaper than Electric Heating
2. Electric Heating is more slimline than Radiators these days
3. No I have not seen any increase in Electric Heaters, in fact I see the opposite that people are removing them if they can get a Gas Supply fitted
4. If you have Solar Panels then maybe worth while, but if you have not, then Solar Panels take about 25 years to pay for themselves, what ever anyone tells you and they are expensive to install
5. In my opinion I would always have Gas Heating or Electric Underfloor Heating but not Electric Heaters to warm my property

You can always have your pipe work chiseled into the floors and walls to hide them, then cement over the channels, then have the walls skimmed. This is a lot cheaper than having all Electric Heaters fitted and old CH System removed, as you would still have to sort walls out where radiators were, etc.

Pipe Dreams Plumbing Services

Pipe Dreams Plumbing Services 26th Aug, 2011

Just to set the record straight - solar panels on average take between 6 to 10 years to repay the initial cost and when you factor in the inevitable rise in electricity costs then the period is much less! Take a look online at the modern storage heaters, they are nothing like the ones fitted 20 years ago.

EMT Electrical & Plumbing Contractors 27th Sep, 2011

Hi, Ecotens advice is also to avoid having electric heaters, we have found electric bills rise way to high. The solar panels will not benefit you if using electric heaters as you will be using up more kWs then actually creating.
Many customers who do not have gas still prefer a water based heating system with an electric boiler.
Hide pipes in the wall is the best option if the length of the run is over 3mtrs you can even use speedfit plastic barrier pipes to minimise hidden joints as this pipe is obtainable in 25mtr coils..

Kind regards
Ecoten ltd

Ecoten ltd 28th Aug, 2011

In my opinion Green issues have more to do with extracting cash than Saving the Planet...
Deep bore systems use more electricity to run the pumps than they save,Solar panels are likely to break down long before they have paid for themselves,Biomass boilers have the obvious loading issues...similarly wood burners, and the cleaning so they all have down sides.
Electric underfloor heating is efficient with tiled surfaces, but carpets insulate it so it becomes worthless, and underfloor heating is detrimental to timber floors, they have extreme expansion and isolative values.
Electric storage heaters are very bulky. Jury's still out on electric boilers, but they wouldn't get rid if the pipes you are trying to loose, unless you install piped underfloor heating, with similar problems to electric.
So stick with Gas, and as Bill suggests have the pipes chased in!

Regards Simon

bricky1 28th Aug, 2011

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