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Baxi bermuda back boiler continually firing on and off

Hello. I have a problem with a Baxi Bermuda 57/4E back boiler which is about 10 years old. After a few minutes of being on continually, it keeps firing up and then off again every couple of minutes until the room thermostat stops calling for heat. The radiators are heating up fine and there is hot water, so there is heat going through the system. I had the pump replaced yesterday - still the same problem. The boiler thermostat and the room thermostat seem to be working fine. Could it be the hot water cylinder thermostat that's causing the problem cause cause when I turn the boiler thermostat up the hot water gets scalding hot? The boiler is also firing up every 30 minutes or so even when the programmer is not calling for heat. I'm not sure if that's related. Hopefully you can help as I'm quite confused by it!

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I guess you have two motorised valves next to hot water cylinder and the one responsible for hot water is stuck open.


Answered 14th Feb 2015

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