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Bathroom pull switch

I have asked a question regarding above as I have found when removing old switch that there are 2xred wires 2xblack wires going into 4 connectors on old switch. New switch has only 2 connectors. you have told me to join the 2x black wires together and put the 2 x red wires into the 2 connectors on new switch. This I have done but switch does not work - now what should I do?

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You really need to call an electrician.


Answered 14th Feb 2015

a few things spring to mind but to answer fully I'd need to know how the old switch was connected.
1. Might be a double pole switch whereby both red and black cables were both switched. Google double pole switch.
2. Might have been a loop in at the switch whereby both live cables were brought to the switch with the black cables connected together and the red cables connected across the switch.


Answered 14th Feb 2015

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