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Electrical water heating tap

I am thinking of installing a 4Kw powered water heating tap. It converts cold water to hot via a porcelain element inside the tap that only operates when water flows through. Presumably this tap cannot be connected through a 13amp plug? What wiring and fuses should be used? Can I take supply off the cooker power line?
Sorry about the non technical language but I am sure someone will understand the gist of it!

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Hi Phil,
Your 4KW heater will require its own dedicated power supply from your consumer unit.


Answered 12th Feb 2015

There are a few methods of heating water and if your implying on a system such as a quooker hot water tap. installation manual states that a standard plug top should be adequate in supplying power to the unit. Although I would always advise an inspection of the overall electrical installation to ensure no possible risk of overlod and that adequate safety measures are in place.


Answered 12th Feb 2015

Hi definately independant circuit from consumer unit(fuse board)


Answered 14th Feb 2015

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