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Bathroom pull switch

I need to replace my bathroom pull switch. I have taken the old one off and find that there are 2x red wires and 2xblack wires which go into 4 connections at the back of the switch. There is also an earth wire ofcourse.
The replacement switch is a one way switch and has only 2 connections L1 and COM. Can I join the 2 reds together and the 2 blacks and put the reds into L1 and black into COM or should I get a different switch altogether. I did look at a 2 way switch but this only had three connections not the 4 in the broken one .

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The blacks will need to bypass the switch and be joined with a chok blok

The reds go in L1 and C , it doesn't matter which red goes in which


Answered 12th Feb 2015

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