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Burglar alarm fault

Friedland wired alarm when transformer power on then mains light comes on and only mains light no zones etc but alarm and siren indication of fault zone. Wiring appears ok and have checked tamper circuit and individual zones by isolating same. Access codes will not work and there bare no fuses . Ideas would be appreciated
Probably security person

2 Answers from MyBuilder Electricians

try checking the power output of the backup battery inside the panel. This may be causing the problem and is an easy fix too


Answered 22nd Feb 2015

Not an alarm I would recommend to my customers, but highly likely the back up battery dragging the system down.

Easiest way to find out without an expensive meter is to remove the back up battery, if still not functioning with back up battery removed turn the mains off and back on again.

Make sure you have a user manual your code and the default codes to hand just in case you accidently default the system.

If the system works, then buy a new back up battery if it doesn't get a professional opinion, the panel may have died.


Answered 3rd Jun 2015

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